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Hi, I'm new here.

I'm 24 years old, and have been diagnosed with panic disorder, depression, and chronic fatigue syndrome. I've been on various medications and various different points of my life, but have yet to find one that helps me.

I originally was put on Zoloft for depression/anxiety, and after two years of feeling number than ever, I went to a new doctor. The new doctor gave me xanax to help me with my panic attacks, but really all it did was make me more depressed.
After that, I recently tried Wellbutrin XL, but I developed a twitch on it and decided against it.

I'm currently not taking any meds, and I'm so up and down it's scarey. There are days I don't want to live anymore. There are days I'm content. There are other days when I'm scared to leave my house or to talk to people in general. The phone rings and it makes my heart race and I hate it.

I really want to talk to a doctor about other alternatives,to help even me out a bit.. but I'm not sure what would help.

Does anyone have any similar symptoms, and possibly know of any meds that work for them? Maybe I would be able to discuss them with a doctor to see if they'd be right for me.

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