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new stats

ok so i just got home from a doctors are my new stats:

5'3 1/2 (50th percentile for height...yayyy i grew an inch =])
106 lbs (25th percentile in weight..=[ boo..that made me upset =[)
BMI: 18.8 (=[ not even considered underweight..the underweight BMI is lower than 18.5 ughh)
but if i lose 2 lbs then my BMI is 18.4..which is considered weight pretty much changes daily so yea

anyway..regarding my health..i got bad doctor thinks that im anemic..i think i am too because i have all the makes sense..this rly sux..i hafta get bloodwork done...i hav such a deathly phobia of bloodwork its horrible...just tlkaing about it or thinking about it or seeing blood or needles makes me cry..pass out..stop breathing..all of yea im pretty much freaking out a lot..i saw my therapist aftermy checkup & shes guna start working with me on getting over my phobia..its guna be along process & im soo scared..ugh im soo anxious off to the beach with my best friends..including my best guy friend that im in love with along with my friends big brother that i have a thing with currently..this should be interesting..i need some support everyone!! is there anyone else that is anemic or going through something similar? thanks<3
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