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I'd rather remain anonymous on most of my information, but I'm fifteen, and I'm from Connecticut. I don't really know where to start, but all I know is that I need help. I may not need it bad, but I definately need advice or someone to talk to that is not going to treat me like a patient. I cut. From depression, like most people. I started two years ago, but for awhile I had 'control' over it. I didn't do much, barely drawing blood at first. Then things went downhill, my parents got a divorce, I was having trouble finding out who I was. I was switching schools, and now that I'm in a different school, things have just seem to get worst. I know a handful of people who cut, and they care, but they most likely have their own problems to worry about. I just need someone to talk to. I'm only fifteen, and maybe I'm not suppose to have such strong feelings(I dont love them) for someone. Their even new to me, and when something happens to them I get thrown right back into depression. Everything and anything sends me right back into depression, and I resort to cutting. I hate it, and I want it stop. I just want everything to stop. Maybe I'm just whining, or maybe people or right I'm looking for attention. But they just don't understand, there are like three people that understand. Three people have threatened to do something if I keep it up, other people I think are starting to suspect. It's just hard, I don't know what to do. I end up crying my self to sleep most nights, if I make it there. I have insomnia, I don't sleep much anymore. Oh, man, I just need some advice or something..
Sorry for wasting your time,
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