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Newbie Here...this might be a double post (my computer is being mean)

My name is Katie, and I was diagnosed with clinical depression today. (wow, that felt kind of AA-like).

I feel really alone right now, and I'm really scared. My doctor is sending me to a psychologist, and they might put me on medication. I'm really opposed to that (not sure why). I mean, if I start taking a medication, it feels like I'm just tricking myself into feeling good. Or, is the medicine going to make me feel void of all feelings? I hate that I've been so sad lately, but I love my emotions...it's who I am. "Highly emotional and loud"

I keep feeling angry about this...or in denial. It's only been about nine hours, and I'm going crazy.

What makes me really mad is that I was getting better on my own before my physical today.

Well, over and out all.
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